Naming Tools: Word Safety Checker, Thesaurus, Word-Merge, and more

Naming Tools is a side-project to help other indie hackers, side-project makers & website builders, entrepreneurs and startup founders to find the right name for your startup. For more background visit the 'About'-page.

Avoid Naming Mistakes

Your great new name might have a second meaning you are unaware of. This can either be in another language or an unintentional second meaning from different ways of writing the name or domain name. Better safe than sorry is the best approach to avoiding issues for your business, product or side-project. Use our free profanity checker tool.

Check Definitions

Along with word safety for second meaning you might want to check the regular definitions. You might find a second meaning or word-context you are unaware of. Our free word definition tool can help.


Synonyms (also known as thesaurus) can help you find an alternative word to use in your business or product name. This way, you can find a suitable and available name and avoid other, similarly named businesses.

Portmanteau generator

You can find a creative and available name for your project using a word-merge (also known as portmanteau). Our free generator tool takes a number of English words and builds a unique set of merged words from it.