Portmanteau Generator for Naming

The English language allows you to merge words and craft new ones. These words often describe a binding aspect of the words. In most cases, this replaces a longer phrase with a unique word. An example is “brunch” instead of “between breakfast and lunch”.

If you seeking some inspiration, you can go through Wikipedia's extensive list of Portmanteau words. It might provide you some good starting points for your new name.

Free Word-Merge Generator

You can enter up to five words in our free portmanteau word-merge tool to receive up to 20 word merges at once. For visibility reasons, if there are more potential combinations, a random set will be provided.

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What are some examples of word merges?

Currently, a very popular case is "Brexit" merged from "Britain" and "Exit".

Some less trend-based portmanteau words are:

  • alcopop, from alcohol and pop
  • brunch, from breakfast and lunch
  • petrodollar, from petroleum and dollar
  • mocktail, from mock and cocktail
  • frappuccino, from frappé and cappuccino
  • Chinglish, from Chinese and English
  • telemarketing, from telephone and marketing

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_portmanteaus.

What are examples of portmanteau words used as business names?

There are a number of world-famous companies which have chosen a word-merge or portmanteau as their name. Often, these names come from a merger of two large corporations. Some of the most well-known examples are:

  • Skype, from sky and peer-to-peer
  • Yelp, from yellow pages and help
  • Groupon, from group and coupon
  • Sony, from sonus (Latin for sound) and sonny (slang for youngster)
  • Netflix, from internet and flicks (slang for movie)
  • Microsoft, from microcomputer and software
  • Intel, from integrated and electronics
  • Wikipedia, from wiki and encyclopedia
  • Nikon, from Nippon Kōgaku and Ikon
  • LATAM, from Lan Airlines and TAM Airlines
  • Lenovo, from legend and novo (Latin ablative for "new")

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_portmanteaus.