Word Safety Checker for Unintended Meanings

In some cases, your great new name might have a second meaning you are unaware of. This can either be in the context of another language, unintentional second meanings from different writing of the domain names or simply in the context of a subculture. Better safe than sorry is the best approach to avoiding issues for your business, product or side-project. Use our free profanity checker tool:

Naming Gone Wrong

Second meanings and unintentional swear words can easily become part of your business name or domain name.

Second Meanings in other Languages

Your business- or product-name might sounds great in English, but has a hidden meaning, for example, in Spanish. You think this isn't likely? This much more common than you might expect - below you find a list of popular cases of second means in other languages:

  • The LaPuta from Mazda has a secondary meaning as "the whore".
  • With the Pajero Mitsubishi has accidentally named their car "wanker".
  • US-American car companies aren't safe either. Buick LaCrosse has a second meaning. In French it means "masturbating teenagers".
  • Fairly innocent compared to the previous examples is the Chevrolet Nova. In Spanish it means “It Doesn’t Go”.

Source: https://www.oddee.com/item_93544.aspx

Popular Cases of Accidental Second Meanings

When you come up with a name, you might not directly spot the second mention, even it's in your own native language. Some examples are blow:

  • Therapist.com might be read as TheRapist.com.
  • It doesn't inspire quality, if your company might be read as it's crap from the domain name itscrap.com.
  • Pen Island with the domain name PenIsland.net might become penis land.

Source: https://www.boredpanda.com/worst-domain-names/

How to Handle Profanity?

Profanity in user-generated content (UGC) isn't an easy task to handle. However, with a mix of automated flagging and manual actions you can manage comments, posts and other forms of user-generated content effectively.

Free Word Safety Check

In some cases a direct check is the easiest way. If you got a name you would like to check you can do so directly and on the top of this page. Enter any word, name or phrase you would like to check against our profanity word list. This allows you to verify if a word of part of word matches against a word on our bad-word list.

Profanity Word List

Our list of profane words has been curated from several sources. It includes over 14,000 words terms from several languages. All terms covering swear words, inappropriate words and phrases, common insults, and number of offensive words. The list gets regularly updated and extended.

Suggest terms

If you found a term or phrase missing which should be considered profane, offending, or generally inappropriate please reach out to add the term.

API access

Access to our API endpoint to check texts for offensive words is possible. This allows to push a text for profanity word check to the API and receive a result almost instantly. Please get in touch under contact on my blog.

Please note, a download of the profanity word list isn't possible.